Rolling Idaho


What does blue turf, potatoes and Oakley all have in common? Nothing but a fun filled, action packed three-day event in Boise Idaho.

The West Coast Rolling O Lab cruised through the state of Idaho for the first time in a few years and the people of Boise welcomed us with open arms, French fries and home made hospitability that will bring this crew back in the near future.

The first day of our adventure was a treat. The Lab opened at sun set in front of Emerald Lanes, where Oakley hosted a dealer appreciation party at the local bowling alley. Nearly 200 employees from Ski and Board shops came from all over the state to see what Oakley has in store for the upcoming snow season. This time, the O Lab had a special guest to discuss our Tech Outer Wear. Oakley Field Testing’s very own Jessie Anderson “wowed” the crowd as she educated the masses with Oakley’s dedication to using and re-using our products before they become available in stores. “I’m impressed.” Said Nikki Elliott of Oconik in Boise. “I’ve always liked the gear, but I didn’t know how much field research goes with Oakley.” And that was just day one.

Our next stop was a secret surprise and when the tunes hit the street, there was a boogie down Boise the whole neighborhood had to check out. Greenwood Ski Haus is the last place to gear up on the road to Bogus Basin Resort. A local’s favorite when it comes to slashing fresh turns in Idaho. For the past number of years, Greenwood offers a pre-season sale to locals and this year they had the Rolling O Lab in place to help spread the word on Oakley’s dominance on the mountain. They also have the very first Oakley Custom goggle bar in the state. The creativity was running wild.

The last stop on the Rolling Idaho tour supplied the biggest bang in Boise. Oconik, in the Boise Town Center mall, is an amazing shop with a wide variety and an Oakley Custom bar. Dr. Will Black has two optical shops in town and with the help and vision of the Oakley Idaho duo Josh and Tanna Loubek, has Oakley as its number one choice in eyewear at all three locations. “I walked in the main entrance of the mall and Wham! Oakley everywhere. The employees were so excited to see the Lab. It made me feel really good.” Said Oakley Factory Pilot Thomas Craig. We usually don’t quote our own, but just like eating fried potatoes in Idaho it had to happen.

The West Coast Crew would like to thank Emerald Lanes, Greenwood Ski Haus and a Special thanks to Schnibbe and all the people of Oconik for making our trip to Boise a memorable one. A super, enthusiastic round of High 5’s and hugs to Josh, Tanna and Momma Jo for the home cooked meal and hospitality. See you next time Boise!


Brian Carlin


October 26, 2011

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