Shady Lovers: Oakley Showcases Dazzling Art and Eyewear in Virginia Beach


Oakley + Art + Virginia Beach = A raging party.

Exhibit O: September. Defiantly forgetting about the uncharacteristic earthquakes and a massive hurricane that threatened the Eastern Seaboard, VA locals sent off Summer (and hordes of tourists) – with big middle fingers in the air – the only way they know how. With style. Artistic style, that is.

Local artists descended on the Oakley “Shady Lovers” Art Show, painting up the sickest eyewear on the Planet, while getting the place rockin’ with music and plenty of flowing beverages.

All with its own Virginia Beach vibe – complete with the beautiful people and the vibrant, Oakley-laced atmosphere.

Featured Artists
• Tony Riccio
• Corey Cromwell
• Igor Accord
• Jeff “crimo” Tarkenton
• Charlie Restless
• Josh Malbon
• Rocky Parr
• Hogans Digital Imaging and Tenacious Designs (photo and VID)
• Side St Cantina (Venue)
• Boo Keller (photo)


Andrew De Lara


October 26, 2011

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