Sneak Peek: Deuce Coupe Collection


A bold movement emerged in the 1950s—a fresh energy that stormed against the stale conservatism of the time. Creativity caught fire and fueled the desire to be different. A culture of ideas began to explore boundaries and test limits, and individuals competed against their peers in ways that opened undiscovered frontiers of freedom, performance and innovation.

These were the days of the Deuce Coupe—the iconic car that was customized, personalized, stripped-down, rebuilt, and fast as a bat out of hell. Legends were born and legends fell on a strip of asphalt just past the outskirts of town.

Oakley’s new Deuce Coupe Collection takes cues from the limit-busting generation, their rebellious ideas and the machines they raced. From the art and detailing of their cars to the blur of speed as the world rushed past the racers, the Deuce Coupe Collection embodies an icon from a generation that kick-started an entire culture while sharing a common passion we have here at Oakley: Innovation. Zero to Sixty, Pedal to the Metal.



January 31, 2012