2012 PGA Show


Technology, technology, and technology were arguably the three most popular topics at this year’s PGA Show and Outdoor Demo. And, fortunately for today’s golfer, Oakley has always been obsessing with making things better. With over 40,000 Industry professionals in attendance, we had more than a little bit to talk about after unveiling the Cipher – the world’s lightest golf shoe.

At the Outdoor Demo, we even let you try a pair on to see how they swing. With ‘nanospike’ and ‘factorylite’ technologies featured, many experts were impressed with weightless feel and superior traction. Oakley coverage spanned head to toe as you could also throw on a pair of custom Red Fast Jackets to quickly find the lens option of your choice.

To top things off, the Oakley Rolling O Lab was up and pumping to answer any questions attendees had in regards in High Definition Optics as well as the many technologies found in Oakley Golf Apparel. Not a bad day at the range!

The PGA Outdoor Demo and Show is the largest and most influential golf show in the game. Oakley countered with an all-star combination of sales and marketing representatives proudly showing off this season’s line and telling the Oakley story. Most in attendance this year can attest that Oakley is no longer just a necessity for eye protection on the course – it’s becoming essential for anyone looking for the best performing product in the game.