Oakley Ambassador Women's Testing Hits Laguna


This past weekend Oakley hosted the 1st annual Oakley Perform Beautifully Ambassador Testing Trip in sunny Laguna Beach. The four-day event brought together women of Oakley; staff, professional athletes Kristi Leskinen and Amber Wing, the Perform Beautifully Ambassadors, the newly appointed Sports Marketing Ambassadors, as well as ESPNW. The hope? To test and discuss the continued growth of the Oakley women’s product line and put the Spring 2013 Women’s Training Line to the Test.

Through out the weekend the ladies dawned the new designs of the Spring 2012 Training Collection. The beautiful pink, lavender, yellow, and teal colors could be seen in masses as the group took over the shores of Laguna and Newport. Day 1 began with a welcome dinner that introduced the athletes and ambassadors to the vision of Oakley’s Perform Beautifully campaign. The exciting launch of the microsite, OakleyPBC.com, got the summit buzzing over how beneficial this tool will be to connect with each other and their followers.

Day 2 SP13 product testing started strong as SUPcore Yoga hosted the group in stand up paddleboard fitness and yoga classes. It wasn’t long before triceps and abdominals were getting a workout of a lifetime. Smiles were beaming under the Oakley Sweet Spot and Overtime glasses across the water. Later that day everyone gathered while Oakley experts explained the state-of-the-art technology put into Oakley products. The long day was finished off with mouthwatering sushi and lively conversation at Katsuya.

One would think that by Day 3, this group would want to just put their feet up. Nope. Instead, this group put the products to the test with a long hill run and intense track workout lead by ambassador, Kimble Theoret. Running tops, such as the Convert Tank, and the Persevere Short were challenged, and approved by some of the most critical testers. Everyone left sweat on the track! Relaxation soon came as the women put their feet in the sand for more yoga instructed by ambassador Lacey Calvert. As reflections of sun raise bounced off the crashing waves the Oakley eyewear didn’t disappoint. Lastly, how better to finish off a perfect day, than with a roundtable meeting of the minds and a BBQ that would make any cowboy proud.

The final day rounded out the summit with a grand tour of Oakley headquarters and a brainstorm meeting with the design department on how each ambassador felt Oakley women’s line is performing. The future is looking bright for Oakley Perform Beautifully Collective and with this group of women and the future ladies than join, the line will go beyond expectation.

by DeAnn Teixeira, Oakley Ambassador