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Fairhaven Jacket — Cinnamon

Jake Blauvelt

Action Sports

Jake Blauvelt has long been devoted to progressing what is possible on his snowboard. From his early days on hill as a Vermont contest local, Jake has consistently pushed himself to find a path that is true to his identity, his unique personality and his dreams. That path has taken him from icy park jumps to powder turns; from podiums to heli drops – and he has continued to improve and evolve with every step. Jake pushes the limits of snowboarding and travels the world in search of new challenges, perfect snow and the pursuit of happiness. The past cou...

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Recent Action Sports News

  • Oakley takes Junior Surfers to the Island of the Gods

    MICK CURLEY_OAKLEY PRO JNR_DAY1_3-10-2011-4252

    Posted almost 3 years ago by Elishia Matta

    Sixty-six of the world’s best young surfers gathered before sunrise on the pristine coastline of Canguu in Bali, Indonesia anxiously awaiting the start of the highly anticipated Oakley World Pro Junior.

  • Sizeable Swell Predicted for the Oakley World Pro Junior


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Elishia Matta

    Thanks to a very active Indian Ocean, there is plenty of southerly swell on the way for the Oakley World Pro Junior, which is set to kick-off in Bali, Indonesia on Monday, Oct. 3. At this point contest directors are looking at SW swell in the 6 foot range for the first two days of the waiting period with building SW swell in the 6-8’ range with solid overhead-to- double-overhead surf to follow.

  • The Making of ‘The Ordinary Skier’


    Posted almost 3 years ago by Elishia Matta

    The Seth Morrison documentary ‘The Ordinary Skier’ is anything but your ordinary ski movie. Light on the expected clips of Seth hucking backflips off cliffs and heavy on an introspective look at life through the eyes of a living legend, the movie has the ski world a buzz just a few stops into it’s 30+ city tour with Poor Boyz Productions. Check out the accompanying gallery to view some of the exquisite photography generated during the two-year endeavor that was the making of ‘The Ordinary Skier.’

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