Tim Boal reveals personal thoughts on life & limits


During his recent visit to the Oakley Europe Headquarters in Zurich we asked Tim Boal, a 27-year-old pro surfer who likes to tackle perfect big waves in Africa, to tell us more about his idols, his attitude towards life and about his defining ‘BEYOND REASON’ experience.
Even after having Tim for seven years on the team we were still surprised!

Tim grew up living with his parents on a sailing yacht in the Caribbean. So from early on he was connected to the ocean and water sports – just in much more quiet waters. Tim started surfing in 1988. Recounting the highlights of his career he names the WCT qualification, the 2nd place at the US Open 2008 and getting beaten by his idol Tom Curren.

Tim wants to progress on different levels, not only in competition, so he now additionally concentrates on filming and photography to keep things exciting. Another one of Tim’s interests is music, to keep him balanced and relaxed. He loves watching surf competitions to analyze his competitors’ runs and learn from them.

Here’s some of Tim’s advice:

• Keep things real: The most important thing in a sportsman’s career is to keep the connection to basic everyday life. It’s hard to maintain because the athletes start to travel and compete at a younger and younger age and get separated from school and social life, which makes it difficult to get back to reality.

• Diversify! One needs more than only one thing to be passionate about. So Tim integrates golf and tennis in his schedule, which keep him balanced and make him thinking of something other than just surfing. Stay humble. Tim admires Lionel Messi and Roger Federer because they are the worlds’ bests in their respective sports yet still keep their life simple and humble.

• Be yourself! It can be hard to be yourself – but the easiest is to be honest and be the person you truly are. People will recognize your honesty and accept you. Do what you believe in and do it well!

• Seek new challenges! Surfing progressed so much in the last 15 years that it’s very hard to keep up but Tim still loves to tackle new challenges and to push the boundaries of his own limits.

• Performance always counts – which Tim applies to every step in life. Always do as best as you can! Performance leads to good results, which in turn are important to get recognized in the scene and the community.

During a surfing trip last year Tim heard about big waves but actually didn’t find the right spot. He was so focused on finding the right spot for his ride that he got confused and scared of the huge waves when he finally found them. Finally, a guy with a jet ski came out and motivated him to get deeper into the waves and to face his own fears. Tim took the wave and enjoyed one of the best rides of his life.

To see Tim’s message translated into his surfing, watch him surf some big smooth waves in Africa. Relaxed, self-confident, and enjoying the ride!


Marion Schmitz


May 10, 2012

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