Mystery Unveiled: Freeski Star Simon Dumont Shreds First-Ever 'Cubed Pipe' at Squaw Valley


No one’s ever seen anything like it.

Last weekend, a secret, mysterious photoshoot was rumored by those in the industry to have went down at Squaw Valley…one unlike any other in history. And they were right.

Enter Oakley Freeski star Simon Dumont.

The brainchild of O’s Ripper, the ‘Cubed Pipe’ at Squaw was six years in the making. Built through the talents of Oakley-sponsored Snowpark Technologies, and supported by Red Bull. Simon’s dream finally came into fruition. With a whole lot of planning – and a little bit of luck, that is.

Simon threw down for the buzz-surrounded shoot – and some sick images were the obvious result.

“So much went into it, and so much came together perfectly at the last second,” Simon said, rockin’ his Oakley gear and goggles. “Even if somebody wanted to do it, I don’t think this could be done again.”

He’s probably right. Such a feature had never been conceived – much less shredded.

But don’t take our word for it. See it for yourself below!


Andrew De Lara


May 31, 2011

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