Oakley Sweeps Big Air Podium - Halldor, Horgmo & Bang


Oakley’s Icelandic slayer Halldor Helgason’s two perfect scores in Snowboard Big Air sealed his and his home countries first Winter X Games gold.

“I am pretty stoked,” Helgason said following the competition. “I was really feeling it today and I had no idea that I would get one perfect score much less two.”

Those two perfect scores came on a double cork 1080 on his first run and a backside double cork 1260 on his third run giving him a score of 100. The top two runs are combined for the competitors score.

Not bad for a 19-year old, who was competing in his first Winter X Games in front of a one-day record crowd of 34,500 people. A crowd that nearly doubled the population of his hometown of Akureyri, which had a population of 17,304 according to a recent Census report.

The Two Oakley Norweigan’s, Torstein Horgmo and Mikkel Bang rounded out the medalists, with Horgmo’s score of 94 winning the silver and Bang’s 83 winning the bronze.

“The new big air format is amazing,” Horgmo, whose two switch backside 1260 sealed his medal, said. “Riding with my friends pushes me harder and makes me try new tricks. It is an amazing feeling.”

The Snowboard Big Air competition features 10 top snowboarders jumping off of a single feature – the 85-foot, step-up gap in jam session format.

“I think this is amazing,” said Oakley’s Heikki Sorsa, a pro rider known for sending it himself. “Everybody is taking it to he next level. X-Games is always crazy, but this year everybody is crazy. It’s become a normal thing to be crazy.”


Matt Murray


January 31, 2010

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